My Role
Web Designer


Web design & development company


Target Audience
General Public

About 430Designs

430Designs is my dads web design/development company. He has been doing web design and development for about 15 years now. I joined 430Designs about 6 years ago.  

The Problem

Before 430designs.com was a website for my dads company. He used it as a personal dashboard. The issue was he need a website to showcase all of his work.


This part in the process was really fun. I got to take a look and gather inspiration from all the design agency sites on the web. However, my dad wanted something simple and clean. So after looking at other simple and clean sites. I did want to add some creativity with some animations. 

The Design

The design portion of this was very fun! This was my first ever website I designed. The rough part was content because I didn’t really have content to design around. I didn’t know how I wanted to layout the homepage exactly. But, after writing some content up and putting it on the page it became a lot easier to lay it out. After laying the page out and designing it I wanted to add some animations to give it a pop and draw attention to certain elements.

User Testing & Launch

For this being my first website design I did not think you had to test before launch. Now understanding that you have to its one of the most important parts. My dad had a huge influence on this part. He showed me how to test and make sure that the site is responsive and meets color guidelines along with more things to test. This showed me how crucial testing was and is a big part of my design process today.


This project was definitely one that I wanted to get perfect especially being my first one and being for my dads business. With that said this is the one I grew the most from and when I really started to take a passion for user interfaces and user experience.