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Cool Hollow

My Role
Web Designer


Cool Hollow helps you approach and navigate your entire financial life.


Target Audience
General Public

The Problem(s)

When Cool Hollow (CH) came to us and showed us their website we knew from just looking through it that it was extremely outdated. That was the major problem. The other problems they had are listed below. Along with screenshots of the old website.

  • Didn’t feel like it connected with the community enough
  • Old information was on there that needed to be updated
  • Site did not match their new branding 


Coming up with ideas with the team over at CH was the best part of this whole process. We had a professional photographer come in and take pics of the town they were in and of the new CH team to use for the new website. Their main focus and goal for the website was connecting to the community and making it easier for the community to connect with them. I agreed! As a designer you want the user to feel something and connect with it when looking at a design. 


For the design of the site I wanted it to match the new branding they had gotten for better consistency. I also looked at other financial companies in the area by them and realized none of them were connecting with the community. I felt that’s where they could set themselves apart from the rest. I utilized the photos that the photographer took heavily throughout the site. They also wanted a very clean and simple type of site as well that’s where I used a lot of white space. 

User Testing & Launch

We tested this site with a few employees from CH and collected their thoughts on it. The overall response was very good.  However some employees did make suggestions to the “About” page and their own pictures. We did end up swapping some of those out for them. Other than that it was a successful launch! 


CH was a really fun project and working with their team over there was awesome! The best part about the whole project would be the professional pictures they had taken specifically for the site. The most challenging thing about the site was how I was going to utilize these pictures without taking away from the main goal it self.