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About Pluigin Stack

Plugin Stack is a WordPress plugin that will install your themes and plugins within minutes to setup your site and get you going faster. If you have dealt with WordPress before you know how annoying it is to install plugins that you use frequently on every single install. That’s where Plugin Stack comes in and helps you with that process.

1. Problem

The whole reason I started Plugin Stack is because as a WordPress freelancer here and there. I realized I was using the same plugins for every site that I was doing. This got me to thinking that it is a very annoying and a time waster to install the same plugins every time we build a new site for a client. This is where Plugin Stack solves this issue.

2. Ideation

Now for the ideation phase in the design. I was getting a ton of different ideas and inspiration on how to design it. I looked at other popular WordPress plugin sites and SaaS platforms. This usually is the fun part and it was but it was mostly overwhelming because I had so many directions I could have went.

3. Design

I finally came to a design decision and direction I wanted to go with. I wanted it to be a very modern and clean design. Because there was going to be a lot of steps in the process for the user so it needed to be simple and easy to understand.

I first came up with the installation wizard design instead of the website design. I took heavy inspiration from other WordPress plugins that had a setup wizard. I then broke the process up as you can see in the screenshots below. 

Onto the website design. This is the most important part because this can either make or break the service itself. The most important part of the site is creating your stack and I think that I nailed it in terms of the design and flow. It is a really easy 3 step flow. You can see below in the screenshots.

4. Testing

Testing Plugin Stack was actually the best and most fun part of this entire process. I went into some of my design groups and had them go through the wizard process and ask them to provide feedback at the end. I got a lot of great feedback from everyone. They had a lot of ideas and things that could have been better. I took all that feedback and currently working on implementing them in the design.  

5. Conclusion

Plugin Stack is still a work in progress to this day. I do hope to one day to develop it and publish it. But overall I really like the direction i went with the design.