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My Role
Web Designer


A clothing brand for plus size people.


Target Audience
General Public

About Skorper

Skorper is another one of my ideas. It is a clothing brand for bigger people. I always thought to my self there isn’t enough clothing options out there for plus size people. Especially nice stylish options. That’s the idea of Skorper its supposed to be nice clean and modern clothing for bigger people.

The Design

Like I said above I wanted the clothing to be clean and modern. I wanted the site to match the brand and the clothes and I believe I did accomplish that with the designs below. 

Figma Style Guide

In the lower left hand corner you can filter through different pages of the style guide.

Checkout Process

For the best experience please go through the process in full-screen mode.


This project being one of few ecommerce sites I designed came with a lot of new ways to look at a e-commerce flow. I had to do some research on how the flow should work. I definitely learned a lot of new things about the user experience of a checkout flow.