Vyne Dental

My Role
UX Designer

Whats the Product
Vyne Dental provides easy-to-use software that simplifies the process of claims and attachment management.

Target Audience

Dental office managers & billers


During my tenure as a UX Designer at Vyne Dental, I spearheaded the integration of OperaDDS, a recently acquired company. This project played a pivotal role in advancing Vyne’s mission of providing affordable oral healthcare access for all. By streamlining payment processes for dental practices and insurance companies, we aimed to improve efficiency and enhance the overall user experience.


What is Vyne Dental:
Vyne Dental is a leading provider of revenue cycle, claims management, and communication solutions for dental practices. Their flagship product, Vyne Trellis, streamlines workflows and helps dental offices manage claims, billing, and communication more effectively.

What is OperaDDS:
OperaDDS is a comprehensive communication platform designed for dental practices. Its features include Paperless Forms, Reminders, Reviews, Team Chat, and Secure Email. The Paperless Forms feature is particularly popular, as it allows dental practices to send forms before a visit, collect consent digitally, and significantly reduce the burden of paper in the office.

Target Audience:

The primary users of the integrated platform are dental office managers and billers who rely on the engagement functionality within their Trellis experience to communicate, bill, and collaborate.

Responsibilities and Approach

My responsibilities encompassed user research, gathering requirements, and designing a seamless integration experience. I collaborated closely with the project manager to identify the most frequently used features and prioritize their implementation. Leveraging support ticket data and engaging with superusers of OperaDDS, I conducted interviews to understand user pain points, gather feedback, and elicit feature enhancement suggestions.

Based on the insights gained, I formulated a phased approach to minimize user disruption and facilitate a smooth transition to the new Vyne Trellis design. The integration process was divided into two key phases:

Phase 1: UI Component Matching
 In this initial phase, I focused on aligning the UI components of OperaDDS with Vyne Trellis. By leveraging the similarities between the two interfaces, I successfully applied the Trellis UI elements to OperaDDS features. The changes were meticulously rolled out to a select group of 500+ dental offices, while continuously gathering user feedback to fine-tune the integration.

Phase 2: Integration of OperaDDS and Trellis
Phase 2 presented a significant challenge as I collaborated with multiple teams, including Marketing, Development, Sales, and Executive Leadership, to combine code bases and rebrand OperaDDS as the engagement side of Vyne Trellis. My primary focus was on ensuring a seamless user experience and cohesive app design. By leveraging design patterns and consistent messaging, we successfully merged the two platforms and achieved a unified interface.
Results and Achievements:
Thanks to our meticulous planning and collaborative efforts, the integration project was a resounding success. User feedback during and after the phased rollout was overwhelmingly positive, with minimal disruption reported. By prioritizing user needs and employing a user-centered design approach, we successfully achieved our goal of integrating the OperaDDS platform into Trellis, enhancing user satisfaction, and advancing Vyne’s mission of affordable oral healthcare access for all.